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Capital Markets, Securities Transactions and IPO

Mitsui Company provides wide-ranging advice for clients on the capital markets. The rapidly evolving capital markets have caused securities transactions to steadily increase in number and complexity. Our firm always stands ready to provide clients with the legal services required to access and leverage the capital markets.

In international markets, we advise on capital procurement methods, including global offerings in two or more markets, or offerings and sales of both equity and fixed income securities, including foreign bonds, in American and European markets for both public and private entities. In addition to documentation and advice, we also assist Japanese clients to list shares or DR on foreign securities exchanges including those in New York and London.

In terms of domestic markets, we assist foreign public and private entities in issuing and selling debt instruments such as Samurai bonds, and provide documentation and advice to foreign firms listing shares on the Tokyo Stock Exchange, or country funds on the Osaka Securities Exchange. In recent years, we have been active in IPOs in domestic stock markets, particularly issues origination in emerging markets.

Banking, Project Finance and Private Finance Initiative (PFI)

Mitsui Company plays an important role in domestic and foreign financial markets by offering private and public sector firms documentation and general legal advice relating to syndicated loans, commitment facilities, non-recourse loans, derivative transactions, export-import financings and asset-backed financing (including aircraft, ships and mortgages).

In the field of project finance, Mitsui Company provides advice to both domestic and foreign lenders and borrowers. We are also very active in the field of PFI (Private Finance Initiative).

Structured Finance (Securitization and Liquidation)

In the field of structured finance, Mitsui Company offers legal services including scheme formation, analyzing legal risks, documentation and various procedures with respect to diversified structures supported by financial assets including real estate (e.g. office buildings), bills, bonds and stocks as well as leases, credit cards, loans, trades, health care, housing loans and other receivables. Clients include arrangers, originators, insurance companies, trust banks, back-up lenders and rating agencies.

Real Estate Finance and Asset Finance

Mitsui Company provides comprehensive advice on real estate finance including new finance schemes, from J-REITs to development-based securitization under the Securitization Law, and non-recourse loans.

In addition, our firm offers documentation and legal analysis for various asset-related financing transactions including financing, operating and leveraged leases of aircraft, ships, computer equipment, plants, mechanical equipment and other assets.

Asset Management

In the field of asset management, Mitsui Company provides documentation and advice on the formation of domestic and foreign investment trusts and investment corporations, as well as comprehensive advice to investment trust sales business and investment advisers.

Venture Finance and Private Equity

In the field of venture finance, Mitsui Company provides advice on limited partnership agreements, Tokumei-Kumiai agreements, and partnership agreements for the purpose of establishing investment funds. In addition, we support venture capitalists by advising on investment agreements with regard to their investment into their targets.

We also provide legal service for private equity investments, including investments in non-listed shares, buyout funds, corporate reorganization funds, and other investment businesses.

Compliance and Establishment of Financial Institutions

In respect to regulatory compliance requirements, Mitsui Company provides advice and proposals to every kind of financial institutions including banks, trust banks, securities companies, insurance companies, investment trust management companies, and investment advisors, as well as governmental bodies and official organizations.

Mitsui Company is also involved in offering advice to newly established banks, securities companies and investment advisors from the earliest planning states.


Mitsui Company provides comprehensive support to foreign capital life and non-life insurance companies. We are also actively involved in the de-multualization of Japanese life insurance companies and the reconstruction of failing insurance companies.