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Mitsui Company (hereinafter, “our firm”) endeavors to ensure the proper handling and protection of personal information in accordance with laws, regulations and this privacy policy.

1. Purposes of Use of Personal Information

Our firm uses personal information for the following purposes and, except as required by laws and regulations, does not use personal information beyond the extent necessary to achieve these purposes:

(1) conduct of business as a law office as authorized under the Attorney’s Act;

(2) market research and analysis;

(3) mailing of announcements, information on seminars and lectures, etc.;

(4) provision of information on our firm’s activities and for the writing of books and articles;

(5) sending or transmission of other information such as greeting cards;

(6) responses to inquiries;

(7) in connection with our recruiting activities, contact with legal trainees, persons who have passed the bar exam, legal professionals, prospective staff, as well as conduct of surveys and employment screening of such persons;

(8) in connection with our externship program for postgraduate law students and others, contact such persons and the relevant law schools etc. and conduct of surveys; and

(9) other purposes related or ancillary to the aforementioned.

2. Acquisition

Our firm, at the time of acquiring personal information, clearly specifies or otherwise makes clear the purpose of use, and our firm acquires personal information by the appropriate means.

3. Content and Accuracy

Our firm maintains the personal information in its accurate and complete form.

4. Ensuring safety

Our firm has protective measures in place to prevent the disclosure, loss of or damage to personal information and other personal data, and to maintain the security thereof.

5. Provisions of personal information to third parties

Our firm does not, without consent of the person concerned, provide personal information to third parties, except as may be required by laws and regulations.

6. Disclosure of personal information, requests for corrections

Our firm accepts requests via the contact information set forth in item 7 below regarding personal information, with respect to (1) notification of intended use, (2) disclosure, (3) corrections, additions and deletions, (4) discontinuance of use and erasure (5) discontinuance of provision to third parties. Our firm will, on receipt of such request, inform you of the documents that are to be submitted in relation to the request and take appropriate action in good faith.

7. Contact

Our firm may be contacted with any inquiries regarding the handling of personal information and other content of this privacy policy (including communication of complaints, requests for disclosure, etc.) at: Mitsui Company General Affairs, telephone: 03-3224 -0020 (weekdays 9:30am to noon and 1pm to 5pm).

8. Changes

Our firm will endeavor to review this privacy policy on a regular basis and make such improvement as are necessary. Our firm will publish any changes to this privacy policy on this website.